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   Student's Artwork

  eatured on this page are a handful of outstanding artworks created by my 7th grade art students. Students are assigned to my class for only a brief period of the school year, 18 consecutive class periods to be precise, thereafter rotating to another exploratory teacher.

     Since state sponsored art study is afforded low priority, it has been my responsibility to invent a curriculum that will engage the students happily and challenge them appropriately. Working in my class, they reward themselves with a completed artwork and story (The ArtDream ©) that astonishes and delights me as well as their fellow students, family and friends.

     I have developed this particular project, The ArtDream ©, with the assistance of nearly ten thousand former 7th grade students. I teach at a fast clip, with humor as well as rigorous procedural requirements. I recognize the validity of technical props to help 12-year-old children explore and master specific concepts. Because of this approach, all students have a chance to impress themselves with their newly acquired experience in art.

     My primary teaching goal has been to give children a clear, lifelong understanding that Art is Everything (not just old pictures housed in museums ). This concept hits home when put into familiar terms:

the art of throwing a baseball
the art of baking a cake
the art of designing a curve
the art of dancing
the art of tracing a cartoon carefully
the art of singing
the art of choosing a beautiful outfit
the art of drawing a straight line with a ruler
the art of blending two colors
the art of writing a story
the art of paying attention to details

If you continue to explore this page, get ready to smile!



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