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The Little Princess Discovers Love and Magic / Student: Sara
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Once upon an Art Dream there lived a little princess. The lovely young princess' name was Sabrina. She lived in Alamazoo. She loved playing with her favorite stuffed bear, Cuddly. Sabrina took Cuddly everywhere she went. He was her only friend.

One day, Cuddly and Sabrina were out on a walk along the ziggady zaggedy path and were encountered with a walking, talking sponge man named Spongy! He was chasing one single snowflake. Since it was always warm where they lived, Sabrina and Cuddly couldn't imagine why there was a snowflake. They followed Spongy and sooner or later they became friends with him. Cuddly was no longer Sabrina's only friend.

As they followed Spongy down the ziggady zaggedy path, they approached a tall skyscraper with lots of colorful windows. They were all curious about what was inside, so they ventured into this amazing building. Inside, they discovered that the building was called "Ice, Ice Baby." It was the most wondeful ice skating rink any of them had ever seen. It even had real snow to make it seem like winter. Now they knew where the single snowflake had come from. Another wonderful thing inside "Ice, Ice Baby" was the most exciting and beautiful pniball machine they had ever seen. After a fun day of ice skating, they decided to head home to the castle.

As Sabrina lay in bed that night, she thought about how sweet and wonderful Spongy was. She thought that maybe they could be more than just friends. Sabrina realized that she loved Spongy. All of a sudden, crazy everlasting lines started appearing all over Sabrina's room. This could mean only one thing. The Love Fairy, Isabella, was coming to help her fall in love. Isabella slid in on a beautiful scallop. She sat down, looked at Sabrina and asked, "Sabrina, you have finally fallen in love. Does that one you love, love you back?" "I'm not sure," answered Sabrina, "I've only just realized my feelings for Spongy." "Well my advice to you is to just be yourself and tell Spongy how you feel. I'm sure he will admit any feelings he might have for you," Isabelle told the young princess. And with that, Isabella skipped out on the lovely scallop and everything disappeared.

The next day Sabrina left Cuddly and went to talk to Spongy. She told him that she loved him and he admitted that he loved her too. They decided to get married when they got older but for now, they would just have fun being together. So, Sabrina and Spongy lived happily ever after in the wonderful land of Alamazoo.